Schapelle Corby stunned fans with her very unusual party trick on Tuesday. The convicted drug smuggler, 45, proved she’s a woman of many talents by posting a bizarre video on Instagram of herself cleaning her nose out with a nasal douche.

‘Good morning! It’s that time again!’ the brunette chirped, showing off her cleavage in the close-up video. She then placed a liquid squirter into one nostril before squeezing the device and smiling as the liquid poured out of the other nostril. 

‘Obvs cuter than I think [starry-eyed emoji],’ she captioned the post, before clarifying she flushed out her nose for ‘sinus relief’. Nasal irrigation can sometimes reduce excess mucus or irritants inside the nose, which can in turn reduce inflammation and relieve your symptoms. 

While many people find it uncomfortable, Schapelle performed the manoeuvre with a breezy smile. Fans were amazed at how effortlessly she pulled off the trick, with one commenting: ‘What the hell! How did you do that?’

Schapelle became a household name in October 2004 when she was arrested at Bali airport with 4.2kg of cannabis wrapped in plastic inside her boogie board bag. The world watched in May 2005 as she broke down in the Denpasar courtroom after being sentenced to 20 years’ imprisonment in Kerobokan Prison.

‘How do you even keep a straight face, let alone just doing that,’ another asked.  Others claimed they’d experienced good results from nasal irrigation, with one commenting: ‘My doctor got me on to this a few years back…best thing for sinus or colds’.

Following a series of sentence reductions, Schapelle was released on parole in February 2014, having served nine years behind bars. In November 2020, Schapelle made her debut as a reality star, appearing on Seven’s SAS Australia. 

However, she quit just two days into the military-style show, after Firass Dirani’s antics forced the recruits to run a series of laps as a punishment.  In 2021 she returned to screens, joining Dancing with the Stars: All Stars as a wildcard. She appeared on three episodes before she and her professional dance partner Shae Mountain were sent home.


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