Love Island Australia narrator Eoghan McDermott has split with his long-time girlfriend, glamorous doctor Aoife Melia.The Irish TV presenter, 39, confirmed their breakup in an emotional post on his Instagram account on Monday. 

‘I’m sorry we didn’t get to see our story have a happy ending and so sorry for the turmoil that upended her life, through no fault of her own.  ‘All I can do is thank her for the many wonderful years together and wish her every happiness in her new life. 

He said the couple went their separate ways around 18 months ago, and he is still struggling to come to terms with it. ‘All I can say is the last 18 months have been devastating and life-altering in ways that I haven’t fully processed yet. I met Aoife 15 years ago and think she has been and will remain the most wonderful person I’ve ever known,’ he wrote. 

‘Pretty much every bit of myself I’ve worked on and improved over the year has been on account of wanting to live up to her standards and match her best qualities.  ‘She made me kinder, gentler, more patient, less selfish and better in most ways a person can measure,’ he concluded his post.

“I hope she finds the happiness and peace she so richly deserves.’ Ms Melia has reportedly moved on and is now dating the heir to Ireland’s Tayto potato chips empire, Charlie Coyle. 

The pair has been together for months and enjoyed spending time together at friends’ weddings and luxurious locations around the world. Strictly speaking, McDermott is not single either. He has retained custody of the former couple’s pooch, Rua, a rescue cockapoo.

McDermott and Melia were together for a number of years when they were in university before breaking up. They subsequently rekindled their romance in 2016 before going public.

He said at the time: ‘Met this firecracker 10 years ago! We’ve gone off and lived different lives in different countries, grown into different people, reconnected recently and are now going for round two-7 years later. Life is so brilliantly random sometimes.’

The former couple lived together in McDermott’s Dublin home when he intimated that marriage was on the cards.  He stated he was ‘incredibly fortunate’ to get a second chance at love.

‘The second time on the merry-go-round now. We have talked about [marriage] but Aoife has been in college for 14 years and she literally only graduated a few years ago,’ he said at the time.

The couple’s most recent split appeared to coincide with McDermott’s sudden departure from his Irish broadcaster (RTE) role and public life in February 2021. McDermott was regarded as a rising star at RTE but he quit with no apparent explanation.

‘She wants to travel a bit so I think there’s more living and travelling to do before we settle down into the more mundane things and grow a bit older. We have talked about it and it is certainly the future but it’s not imminent.’


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