Gamble Breaux is busy causing drama on the new season of Celebrity Apprentice. But outside of reality TV, the Real Housewives of Melbourne star is continuing to focus on her music career. The 49-year-old is set to release a new single this week called Blue Screen Love, which details how she met husband Dr Rick Wolf.

she said,‘The song is about constructing the perfect online profile when in reality your ex is sending you abusive messages and you’re living wage to wage’. ‘I spoke to a lot of people about their experiences with the online dating process, so the song is about looking for love, finding the best in yourself and building a better life,’ Gamble added.

The socialite teamed up with Jonny Sonic of famed EDM group The Potbelleez for the song, which will be released digitally on May 27. ‘I feel like we have created our own genre of music, which I like to refer to as the ultimate hip-Aus, gangster-pop, electric, housewives, dance song,’ Gamble said.

‘I’m so thankful to be working with such an icon like Jonny.’Gamble released the five-track EP Barrenjoey Road back in November. The album’s emotional title track, which was penned by Gamble herself, was inspired by memories of her late grandmother’s house.

‘There’s a place in all of us that wasn’t necessarily home, but felt safe and comfortable and where your spirit could be free,’ she explained.‘ Barrenjoey Road is about summer in Sydney, going somewhere you feel safe and about that moment of time that isn’t here now but is within us.’ Gamble can be seen in the latest season of Celebrity Apprentice Australia, which is airing on Channel Nine.


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