Maye Musk exuded elegance as she arrived to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue launch party held at the Hard Rock Hotel Times Square in New York City on Thursday. The 74-year-old supermodel hit the red carpet, before mingling with pop star Ciara and Sports Illustrated editor MJ Day at the star-studded event. Musk is one of this year’s cover girls, alongside the likes of Kim Kardashian and stunning plus-sized model Yumi Nu.

Musk looked lovely in a double-breasted cream blazer, which she layered over a white polkadot tulle skirt that flowed to mid-calf. She strolled down the red carpet in a pair of heeled sandals and carried her essentials in a designer purse with a gold chain strap.

The fashion figure added a bit of shine to her look with a set of sparkling earrings. Musk spoke about being asked to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated during an interview with People, where she noted that she did not believe that the magazine’s executives were serious about their offer at first. 

‘My first reaction was, I could never dream up something like that because why would anyone have a 74-year-old on their cover, especially in a swimsuit,’ she said. She then noted that she took on the assignment in an effort to normalize modeling for women of older ages. 

‘I do think it’s going to make women feel more comfortable in their seventies when they swim, as well as women in their twenties and thirties,’ she stated. Musk made a point of remarking that everyone that was involved with the photoshoot was very professional and supportive.‘Everybody was polite, kind, considerate, caring, so I felt very comfortable in my swimsuit once you’ve done your first shot, you’re fine with all the others,’ she recalled.

The model then shared a bit of advice regarding confidence with the media outlet. ‘I went through different stages of my life where I was rejected, insulted, disappointed and it just takes away your confidence. Then you just have to get over it,’ she stated. 

Musk concluded by expressing that she had reached a point in her life where she felt as if she was treated with a certain level of respect from the public.‘I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, and I don’t care, and nobody’s insulting me because  you don’t want to insult a grandmother. The point is, people are really good to me at this stage,’ she stated. 


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