The 26-year-old actor has become of Hollywood’s most sought-after stars since quitting college to pursue a career in the movie business but Nicole was initially opposed to his decision to walk away from his education.

She said: “He took the semesters off because he got professional work. And then he worked non-stop, ‘Call Me by Your Name’, ‘Lady Bird’, ‘Hostiles’. I always encouraged him to pursue his passion and dreams. However, I did not want him to leave Columbia.

“I had gone to Yale and I just felt college would help him be a well-rounded individual. But we didn’t know that he was going to become Timothee Chalamet.”Nicole  whose daughter Pauline Chalamet stars in ‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ now thinks he made the “right decision” to quit college.

She told the Guardian newspaper: “He definitely made the right decision for himself because look where he is now. I love being with my son. It’s as if we’re going to a party and he’s introducing me to some of his friends, his colleagues. Timmy is very personable.”

The former Broadway dancer went on to explain that while she never pressured her children, she did provide “influences” and “planted seeds” that have shaped their careers.

She said: “I took them to see many different plays and musicals when they were growing up, and I think seeing certain performances influenced them. The productions they’ve seen and even growing up in New York, has informed who they are today.

“I planted seeds, and our lifestyle really inspired those interests, but they always had control of their careers. I was encouraging, you know, but I wasn’t like ‘you better get this job.”


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