PUBG’s new animated ‘project’ will be helmed by Adi Shankar


Popular video game PUBG will after a short time get an animated form. The endeavor will be created by the Netflix Castlevania maker Adi Shankar, Krafton Inc. announced on Tuesday. Clearly, we don’t actually have any clue what the endeavor will be about, without a doubt exactly it is. Outside of the undertaking’s essence, the announcement didn’t get into many focal points. While PUBG has been creating legend all through the last several years, it’s as yet conceivable to imagine practically any sort of story being set inside the universe.


With Shankar included, it appears to be conceivable that we’ll get a considerable amount of action regardless the task’s about. Shankar’s past shows incorporate Netflix’s Castlevania series, as well as the approaching Netflix and Ubisoft series, Captain Laswerhawk. One thing Shankar determines in Krafton’s press release is that he looks “forward to revealing to everybody what winning a chicken dinner takes after,” which could mean that the task will be battle royale-themed actually like the game.

Another point to consider carefully is what the term “project” may mean. The press release says that Shankar will be at the helm of the PUBG’s animated form, yet it’s unclear if that means it will be a traditional animated series or something else. There’s no announcement on when, or where, this new animated form of the game will be released.


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