Microsoft has officially announced the acquisition of RiskIQ, a security software merchant. RiskIQ gives management tools and threat intelligence gathering against a wide extent of cyberattacks across Microsoft’s own cloud services, AWS, on-premises servers, and supply chain attacks. While Microsoft hasn’t regarded the deal, Bloomberg uncovered that the association should be paying more than $500 million for RiskIQ.


The cloud-based RiskIQ software perceives security issues across networks and devices, and the association records Box, the US Postal Service, BMW, Facebook, and American Express as customers. RiskIQ was at first settled in 2009 and has continuously become a huge player in separating security threats. Microsoft hasn’t spread out an unmistakable game plan for how it will facilitate RiskIQ into its own security offerings, yet it will without a doubt utilize RiskIQ’s software across Microsoft 365 Defender, Microsoft Azure Defender, and Microsoft Azure Sentinel over a period of time. “RiskIQ has amassed a strong customer base and community of security specialists who we will continue supporting, maintain, and create,” says Eric Doerr, vice president of cloud security at Microsoft. “The technology and team of RiskIQ will be an astounding extension to our security portfolio to best serve our common customers.”

Microsoft has been gradually creating and further fostering its security tools amidst an outrageous battle with ransomware. The software maker even acquired ReFirm Labs last month to help with guaranteeing servers and Internet of Things devices from security attacks. The acquisitions come following a long time of hazardous ransomware attacks. The Russia-associated REvil ransomware group has been releasing obliteration with ransomware and supply chain attacks lately, and the security business is at this point vacillating from a complex SolarWinds hack that entered everything from Microsoft to US government agencies.


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