SoftServe Enters Into A Partnership With UNICEF Ukraine


SoftServe and UNICEF Ukraine are expanding their fundamental partnership through 2023. SoftServe will by and by fill in as an advisor and technology partner on UNICEF Ukraine’s assignments seeking after the destinations of sustainable development for children. The get-togethers have spread out promising conditions for cooperation in software development and various activities to help UNICEF programs in Ukraine in tutoring, health, child protection, social policy, communication for development, and others.

The partnership among SoftServe and UNICEF Ukraine began in April 2020. Until this point on schedule, the social occasions have completed different drives, including a platform for collecting and separating COVID-19 statistics in Ukraine, the dispatch of the country’s National Volunteer Platform, an online interface focused on further developing Ukraine’s school nutrition structure, an infant care application for young parents, and an evidence-based medicine webpage. In 2021, SoftServe will similarly work on reviving the public vaccination site.


“It is visible that Ukrainian culture is changing rapidly with new demands calling for new solutions,” said Lotta Sylwander, UNICEF Representative in Ukraine. “That is the explanation UNICEF is excited about expanding its cooperation with creative partners like SoftServe that can offer their understanding base and make imaginative solutions for the current challenges. Ensuring permission to affirmed and optimal information is basic to our activities supporting children, parents, youth, and communities. This helps us with hearing their voices and allows them to make taught choices concerning their health, nutrition, preparing, and future by and large.”

“We like the opportunity to help UNICEF’s endeavors in Ukraine as they productively address social issues in child protection,” said Yaroslav Lyubinets, prime ally and top of the board of directors at SoftServe. “What impacts us is the way that the target of these drives – to engage talented people to change the world – changes perfectly with SoftServe’s mission.” Partnership projects are executed as free or volunteer drives including Open Tech, SoftServe’s charity crowdsourcing platform for time and technical capacities responsibilities.


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