The swap deal has been announced as there has been a shortage of Pfizer Covid-19 vaccines.

British is proving 4 million vaccines of Pfizer to Australia in a hurry, where the other countries are preparing themselves with the booster to protect the population against delta variant.

On September 3, the swap deal was announced following with Australia, Singapore and Poland while addressing towards short of Pfizer Covis-19 vaccine.

Mr Morrison addressed “Australia was keen to make more vaccine deals with other governments”.Australia particularly has a low vaccination rate as compared with wealthy countries. Where Australia rates for the population aged 16, is only 36 per cent rest of the population.

The Government of Australia has to face a lot of criticism as they failed in striking more vaccine deals with manufacturers. One of the homegrown vaccines had to be abandoned as it led to HIV Positive reports. Where locally-produced AstraZeneca which has been used as the alternative to the Pfizer vaccine has led to being proved unpopular with much medical advice on the risk of blood clots.

The first 40 million modern shots will surely be available soon. Australia has bought 1 million Pfizer doses from Poland in August where the price remains disclosed.

The Australian government expects to break the lockdown once 80 per of the population gets their vaccination done.



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