Japan has suspected the use of 1.63 millions dose of Modern vaccinations last week where there is a suspect of a metallic substance in the vaccine.

On Wednesday, the health ministry said that the containment of the steel found in the Covid-19 is suspected where it does not lead to health risks. The investigation would take place by domestic distribution Takeda Pharmaceuticals Co.

The stainless steel use has been for the heart valves, joint replacements, mental sutures and staples. As such, there has not been such an increased level of medical risk due to the presence of stainless steel in the vaccine.

Where the use of three vaccines has been suspended on Thursday after 39 suspicions of foreign materials in the medicine. Therefore all the suspected vaccines have come from the single lot, where two others were too suspended as they came from the single manufacturing lot that is a Spanish Pharmaceutical company Rovi. The material that was confirmed was to be grade 316 stainless steel. Therefore Rovi has taken corrective measures.

The containment issue became highlighted more after the deaths of two innocents- aged 38 and 30 men respectively after receiving the second dose. Therefore these resulted in suspending of the vaccines lots.

The two deaths cases are under investigation but no such evidence of death due to vaccinaion.


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