The risk of “long Covid” in youngsters is way not up to several had feared, leading child-health consultants have same.

After the world’s biggest study into the difficulty, the researchers, LED by University school London, same they were “reassured”.

They surveyed 11- to 17-year-olds testing positive for coronavirus in England between September and March.

The analysis suggests somewhere between but two and 14 July still had symptoms caused by Covid fifteen weeks later.
The researchers same it absolutely was vital those with persistent symptoms, including headaches, weariness and respiration difficulties, received support.

But there was very little proof immense numbers had wanted NHS facilitate for symptoms that had left them ill or unable to attend college.

The study additionally surveyed kids who had ne’er tested positive.

And fifty three of them had a minimum of one symptom when fifteen weeks, just because they’re common within the general population.

Among people who had tested positive, this proportion was sixty fifth.

A additional important distinction was seen among those half-hour had 3 or additional symptoms, compared with 16 pf of these who had ne’er tested positive, suggesting thirty two,000 out of nearly 235,000 United Nations agency were infected between September and March have developed long Covid.

But the numbers can be even lower.

Only thirteen of these asked to retort to the survey did therefore.

Researchers believe people who square measure suffering in progress symptoms would be additional seemingly to complete the survey than people who don’t seem to be.

If all those with long Covid were to try to to therefore among people who did therefore, that may recommend their actual variety was simply 4,000 or fewer than two.

‘Taken seriously’

The analysis team – as well as professor Sir dramatist man of affairs, from UCL’s nice Ormond Street Institute of kid Health, Royal school of medicine and kid Health communicable disease lead Dr Liz Whittaker, and Public Health European country officers – can still follow the youngsters within the coming back months.

But Sir dramatist same he was already “reassured” suggestions, at the peak of the pandemic, that half youngsters may develop long Covid cases were wrong.

Although, he said, the numbers were still “not trivial” and also the issue required to be taken seriously


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