The country’s 1,003 COVID deaths have been less than other nations in Australia, but it is now seeing the worst scenario since the pandemic has begun.

A recent spread of infection in Sydney has brought about the challenge for Australia for its strategy and health resources. On Monday, New South Wales has acme across four deaths and approximately 1,218 cases.

Therefore as per the authorities, the cases would get raised in the month of October even if the people get vaccinated. Moreover, half of the Australians are under the condition of lockdown in the three respective cities Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

As the period of lockdowns has drastically affected the people in the country there have been many debates regarding the reopening of the nation. Scott Morrison, The PM, has stepped away from the country from zero Covid-19 case strategy last week.

This has given the critics to spread their viewpoint against his words, where they said that it could endanger the lives of many innocent civilians if restrictions will be in ease.

As per the estimations the Australians could reach up to 70% of the vaccination till the month of November
Currently, 34% of the adult population has been vaccinated, while 57% has been compleated with their first dose of vaccination


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