Russia has sent the largest military convoy to the Ukrainian capital Kyiv to take the war to the end. It is clear from the satellite pictures of this convoy, about 64 km long, that Vladimir Putin is not going to stop.

 Despite the United Nations’ rebuke and a barrage of sanctions, Russia is not ready to stop. He has started a major military operation to capture Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Russia’s 40-mile (64-kilometer) long convoy (Russian Military Convoy) is moving rapidly towards Kyiv. This is the largest military convoy ever sent to Ukraine since the start of the war. Earlier, the talk of a 27 km long convoy had come to the fore.

Hundreds of military vehicles included in the convoy

According to the news published in our affiliate website WION, satellite images released by US private company Maxar Technologies have revealed that Russia has waged a final war for the occupation of Kyiv. The 64 km long Russian convoy includes hundreds of military vehicles, tanks, artillery guns, etc.

War helicopters were also seen 

It has also been said by Maxar Technologies that additional Russian forces and ground attack helicopter units can also be seen in southern Belarus, just 32 km from Ukraine’s northern border. Let us tell you that on Monday, the Russian army also opened fire on Ukraine’s second largest city Kharkiv, killing at least 7 people and injuring dozens.

met but did not talk

Talks between Russia-Ukraine were held in Belarus on Monday, but no solution was found in it. Ukraine wants the Russian army to withdraw from the whole of Ukraine as soon as possible. While Russia is not ready for this. However, there is news that there has been an agreement between the delegations of the two countries on some issues and a second round of meetings can also be held soon. However, the way Russia is attacking, it does not seem that it wants to find a middle ground. 

‘Russian attempt to pressure’

At the same time, in a video message, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said, ‘I believe that Russia is trying to pressure Ukraine in this simple way. When one side is attacking the other with rockets, then there is no room for anything else. It is worth noting that earlier there were reports that Zelensky had fled the country to escape from Russia, but he denied these reports. 


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