Chrystia Freeland, the Deputy Prime Minister and former Foreign Minister, was seen with a scarf advocating a far-right Ukrainian Nationalist organisation associated to Neo-Nazis and extremism on Sunday.

Surprisingly, Freeland (or more likely, a member of her staff) shared the photo on her official social media platforms, oblivious of the extremist far-right ideology that the scarf represents.

On Monday morning, Freeland shared the photo, which also includes Toronto Mayor John Tory, on her Twitter and Instagram accounts. These posts were removed without explanation or explanation of why they were removed.

By Monday morning, she had retweeted the identical message, but with a fresh photo in which the scarf had been removed.

The Bandera movement in Ukraine has long been represented by the red and black flag. Stepan Bandera was a Nationalist Ukrainian politician who was accused of war crimes and organising atrocities against Jews and Poles during WWII.

He is a divisive political figure in Ukraine, with some hailing him as a national hero who battled for the country’s freedom.

Bandera was a founding member of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (UPA), which has been classified as “far-right” and “extreme” in legacy media stories, as well as “Neo-Nazis.”

Bandera was a founding member of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (UPA), which has been classified as “far-right” and “extreme” in legacy media stories, as well as “Neo-Nazis.”

Bandera and the UPA were characterised as Nazi accomplices and war criminals by Euro News in April 2021.

“Bandera, Shukhevych, and the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) are divisive for a variety of reasons. Critics allude to the brutal murders of up to 100,000 Jews and Poles during WWII, as well as the fact that the UPA collaborated with Nazi Germany until it became evident that Nazi Germany would not recognise Ukrainian independence.”

Chrystia Freeland identifies as a Ukrainian-Canadian and has recently begun speaking and posting in the Ukrainian language. She portrays herself as a politically astute international player with extensive knowledge of Ukrainian politics and culture.

It begs the issue of why she would willingly pose for a photo with a flag symbolising a militant insurgency organisation and the Ukrainian Neo-Nazi-linked far-right, and then personally upload it.

The Bandera movement was addressed directly in a 2017 iPolitics feature on Freeland becoming Canada’s top diplomat. It reported a high-ranking Russian official as accusing Canada of drafting legislation “influenced by pro-Bandera lobbying.”

“Predictably, some Kremlin-connected voices will criticise Freeland’s appointment. She is of Ukrainian descent, in addition to being a critic of the current Russian administration; some Russian voices accuse Canada’s government of being enslaved by a huge Ukrainian diaspora. (In 2015, a spokeswoman for Russia’s state-owned oil corporation Rosneft stated that ‘pro-Bandera’ lobbyists were behind Canadian sanctions against Russia’s energy industry.) Stepan Bandera was an anti-Soviet Ukrainian partisan who was briefly affiliated with Nazi Germany during World War II.)”

It also doesn’t help that, according to the Ottawa Citizen, “Freeland’s grandfather was, certainly, a Nazi collaborator” in Ukraine. During WWII, he served as the head editor of a Nazi propaganda publication.

According to the Globe and Mail, Freeland’s office initially denied that her grandpa was a Nazi collaborator, but later revealed that she has been aware of her family’s history for decades.

All of this causes two huge issues for Freeland and the Liberals.

The first is that there is a massive double standard at work. Only a few weeks ago, Trudeau and his legacy media friends mercilessly vilified the Trucker Convoy as “Nazis” because of one still-unidentified agitator who disrupted the protest before immediately fleeing.

Trudeau publicly accused a Conservative MP of Jewish ancestry of standing with “swastika-waving people.”

A single disgusting flag discovered near the rally was used to defame an entire community.

In the case of Freeland’s appearance at the Ukrainian march in Toronto, she wasn’t merely seen with a Nazi. She was literally waving the American flag.

The second big issue that Freeland and the Liberals have as a result of this is that they are exposing themselves to attacks and propaganda from the Putin government.

When Putin announced his invasion of Ukraine, he cited the need to “De-Nazify” the country as part of his justification. Putin’s propaganda relies on portraying the Ukrainian government and its Western friends (such as Freeland) as supporters of an extremist, far-right Nazi movement.

When a senior Western politician is pictured holding a Neo-Nazi movement sign, she is unwittingly playing into Putin’s hands.

Freeland can wipe her personal social media to her heart’s content, but her photo of herself carrying the red and black flag is circulating on social media and being featured on other news sites, including NPR.

This is a huge blunder on Freeland’s part. Let’s see if the media picks up on it and reports on it.


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