A model has offered to Russian soldiers. The model says she is ready to have sex with Russian soldiers if they refuse to obey their president’s orders and return from Ukraine.

 To stop the Russian Troops wreaking havoc in Ukraine, where the whole world is showering sanctions on Moscow. At the same time, a model has offered to make relations with Vladimir Putin’s fighters. This model says that if Russian soldiers refuse to obey their president’s orders and return from Ukraine, then they are ready to have sex with every soldier.

constantly posting

According to the report of ‘Daily Star’, Twitter user Bad Kitty has accounts on adult site OnlyFans and Instagram under the name Lilly Summers. She is constantly writing on social media about the Russia-Ukraine War. Now he has offered sex to Russian soldiers to stop the bloodshed. The model wrote, ‘I am ready to have sex with every Russian soldier who is ready to give up his arms and hatred for Ukraine’.

‘There is an offer for every soldier’

Lily Summers has been supporting Ukraine since the beginning and has also been appealing for peace by sharing many photos with the Ukrainian flag. He says Russian troops should refuse to obey their president’s orders and leave Ukraine and return. If he does, then I am ready to have a relationship with him. My offer is for every Russian soldier.

Said this in the tweet

The adult star wrote in one of her tweets, ‘If any one Russian dies, I will share a nude photo. Similarly, when a Russian tank is destroyed, followers will get a sexy video of me and if someone shoots down a Russian plane, I will give him a chance to have sex with me. Significantly, there is a lot of opposition to Vladimir Putin’s decision to war with Ukraine. Many Russian celebrities have also expressed their anger.  


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