35-year-old British man has been named because the victim of Sydney’s initial fatal shark attack in nearly sixty years.

A friend confirmed Simon Nellist died within the attack on Wednesday.

Police haven’t however formally known the victim and his family haven’t commented.

Australian authorities are still looking for the nice great white shark, with swimmers illegal from the water and most town beaches shut once Wednesday’s attack.
Mr Nellist – who was a diving teacher – was mauled by an excellent white shark just off very little Bay in east Sydney. He was a member of the city’s skin-dive Social Club and a daily swimmer at the beach, BBC instructor correspondent Shaimaa Khalil reports.

A Great Britain ministry voice aforesaid diplomat employees were to bear with New South Wales Police. “We are supporting the family of a British man and our thoughts area unit with them at this tough time,” the interpreter aforesaid.

Shark attacks in Sydney are uncommon as a result of town has long had nets and different deterrents in its waters.

On Thursday, surf lifesavers on jet skis patrolled a 25km (15.5 mile) stretch of water from Bondi within the city’s east to Cronulla within the south to seek out the shark. Authorities are victimization helicopters and drones.

The government aforesaid its shark specialists had calculable the predator to be an excellent great white shark “at least 3 metres” long supported footage of the incident taken by a member of the general public.

Several passers-by who witnessed the scene have delineate a vicious and frenzied attack.

“[The person] was swimming and a shark came and attacked [them] vertically,” crease Linto told 9 News.

“We detected a yell and circled, it appeared like a automotive had landed within the water, a giant splash then the shark.”
One man recounted however he had been fishing on the rocks once he saw the swimmer get dragged underneath.

“It was terrible. i’m shaking. I keep reflex. It’s very, terribly disconcerting,” he told basics News.

Authorities managed to retrieve body components from the water 2 hours once the attack.

The area’s state MP Michael Daley aforesaid locals were jolted by the “horrific” incident. The victim had been a daily visitant. “[He] came here and swam nearly on a daily basis,” he told the basics.

“It’s lovely|a gorgeous|a stunning|a pretty|an exquisite|an attractive|a fine looking|a good looking|} day at one amongst Sydney’s most beautiful beaches, however there is a real dark pall hanging over our community these days,” he said.

Wednesday’s incident may be a ugly tragedy, and in days to return there’ll be questions about however the shark slipped through the protections discovered.

Right now we do not have any of these details. The New South Wales government already runs a shark mitigation programme believed the most important and most subtle within the world.

Sydney beaches are guarded by nets for nearly a century. On summer weekends, drones and helicopters hover, scanning for sharks. (It’s not uncommon to be lazing around on the sand once suddenly a siren blares and lifeguards are ordering individuals out of the water.)

Authorities conjointly run an intensive shark-tagging programme wherever the foremost regarding shark species – tiger, bull and nice white sharks – have trackers hooked up to their fins.

When they are picked up within the nets, they are labelled and settled a few km away.

On Thursday, authorities spooled out device drumlines – baited strings – to do to seek out the great white shark. Authorities do notice the predator most of the time, sometimes among days.

In the past that is junction rectifier to culls. officers haven’t however aforesaid what they will do. however there is very little community appetency for killing sharks currently.

Instead shark safety is concerning strengthening protections; educating beachgoers.

Don’t swim at dawn or dusk. keep about to shore. Swim between the marked flags. Avoid fishing areas.

Sharks are simply a vicinity of beach culture. and plenty of Australians settle for that getting into the water can forever contain some risk.
Contact between a person’s and a shark is rare, given there are thousands of sharks within the water at any time. Attacks sometimes occur within the hotter summer months (December – February) in Australia as a result of additional individuals are within the water.

Australia usually records concerning twenty shark attacks annually, with most in New South Wales and western australia. There are four shark attacks to this point this year, per the Australian Shark Attack File.

There were 2 fatal shark attacks in 2021, and 7 in 2020.

Historically, dying from a shark bite isn’t common. In over a century of records, Australia’s shark attack mortality rate is 0.9 – but one person annually.


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