Russian vodka is also paying the price for the Russia-Ukraine war. Several states in the US and Canada have banned Russian-branded vodka with the intention of causing economic damage to Moscow. Shops have been asked to throw out Russian brand bottles.

 Everyone is paying the price for the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Even a campaign has started against Russian liquor makers and their brands. Several states in the US and Canada have announced a boycott of Russian-made and Russian-branded vodka with the aim of causing economic damage to Russia. Let us tell you that Russian Vodka is famous all over the world for its quality. But due to the war of two countries, this vodka is now being seen as an enemy.

These US states announced 

Chris Sununu, the governor of the US state of New Hampshire, announced on Saturday that Russian-made and Russian-branded vodka would be banned in state-run liquor stores. Ohio’s governor has also made a similar announcement to halt purchases of Russian Standard Vodka. The shopkeepers have been asked to immediately remove such vodka from the counter.

Canada is also imposing a ban 

Canada is also trying to hurt Russia financially through vodka. Condemning Russia’s attack on Ukraine, Canada has started banning Russian vodka and Russian beverage items. The government has said that local shopkeepers should not sell brands made in Russia here. According to a report by the news agency Reuters, Russian spirit is being removed from shops in the provinces of Manitoba and Newfoundland.  

Imports were $3.78 million

On the other hand, Canada’s most populous province, Ontario, has also instructed the Liquor Control Board to withdraw all Russian products. In Ontario alone, all products made in Russia will be removed from 679 stores. NLC Liquor Store reported that it has been decided to remove products of Russian origin from the stores. Significantly, Canada imported wine and spirits worth $3.78 million from Russia in 2021. Vodka is the second most popular drink among Canadian consumers after whiskey.


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