In Chicago, a shocking case has come to light of a mother sending her son to jail. This step taken by the mother is being praised everywhere.

 The story of a mother’s honesty in Chicago, America has stunned everyone. The mother we are talking about has sent her own son to jail. After the mistake of the son came to the fore, the mother did not think even once that she herself was taking steps against her son. Let us tell you about this very unique story.

Mother exposed son’s crime

It is said that nothing in the world is more important to a mother than her child. No matter how evil the son does, he remains dear to the mother. Now let’s talk about this mother of Chicago. This mother has set an example by not hiding her son’s crime.

18 year old son committed the robbery

According to the report of ‘Daily Mail’, 18-year-old student Jion Brown, a resident of Chicago, robbed the train conductor by showing a gun. Every single step of the time he carried out this incident was captured in the CCTV camera. Videos and pictures of the incident started going viral. During this, the mother also saw the son’s viral video.

The mother herself took the son to the police

The mother told that she was deeply shocked after seeing the footage of her son Brown on TV channels. When she was confirmed that her son is Brown in the video, she decided to take the son to the police. After which the mother took the son Brown herself to the Calumet City Police and got it surrendered.

Due to hunger, the accused had committed the robbery

The lawyer appearing for Brown told the court that Brown was hungry, so he carried out the robbery before class.


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