In the midst of the Russo-Ukraine war, the two heavyweight boxing champion brothers have announced that they will enter the battlefield against Russia. One of these brothers is also the mayor of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.


 Russia’s attack on Ukraine continues. Meanwhile, the former heavyweight boxing champion has announced that he will join his brother on the battlefield to defend Ukraine against Russia. Both these brothers are also included in the Hall of Fame.

Both boxing champion brothers will fight against Russia

According to the information, former heavyweight boxing champion Vitali Klitschko has made this announcement. Along with Vitaly, his brother Vladimir Klitschko will also fight against Russia. Let us tell you that both these brothers have been heavyweight boxing champions. 

Vitaly is the mayor of Kiev

Declaring 50-year-old Vitaly Klyushko to fight in the war, he said, ‘I have no other option. I have to do this. I will fight I believe in Ukraine. I have faith in my country and its people. Vitaly Klyushko is also the mayor of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. He is the mayor here since 2014. Vitaly said that ‘the city of Kiev is in trouble. The first priority is to maintain the supply of electricity, gas and water along with the police and the military.

Vladimir has joined the Reserve Army 

At the same time, Vladimir has joined the Reserve Army of Ukraine. He wrote in a post that ‘the people of Ukraine are strong and this will prove to be true in this war’. These people expect peace and sovereignty. These are the people who consider the people of Russia as their brothers. Everyone knows that the people of Ukraine do not want war.


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