The most special moment of a man’s life is his marriage. In such a situation, people choose a special date to make the wedding memorable. Dates like 22-02-2022 are extremely popular for weddings. Numbers or numbers have great importance in the world. It also has a very long history. These numbers have different meanings in countries around the world. In such a situation, people choose special dates for weddings, so that there can be happiness in their life. Talking about number 2, in many countries it is seen as goodluck. At the same time, in Germany it is considered as badluck, let us know what is the game of numbers of goodluck and badluck for marriage.

The number 2 wine symbol in Germany 

Couples want to get married on the number 2 days in the world. Especially like the date of 22.02.2022. At the same time, in Germany the number 2 is seen as ‘Schnappsjahl or number of alcohol’, because drunk people see everything as double. At the same time, Berlin-based psychiatrist and author Wolfgang Kruger has a different view. They say that the Schnappsjahl date is a symbol of strength. People definitely see this as lucky. It also matches the point of view of marriage.

8 and 9 numbers are considered auspicious in China

The date of marriage is decided on the numbers considered lucky all over the world. There were many mass marriages in China on auspicious dates, especially in 2008 and 2009. The numbers 8 and 9 have great significance in some parts of the world. For example in China the number 8 is associated with wealth and health. On August 8, 2008, 3,14,224 couples got married in China. In Beijing alone, more than 15,000 people tied the knot. At the same time, getting married on the day of 09.09.2009 was expected to lead to a long and happy future, because when pronounced, the number 9 sounds similar to the Chinese word ‘jiu’, which means ‘long term’. In China, the numbers 8 and 9 are considered very lucky. It is said here that good things come in pairs. 2 is also not a bad number, as even numbers are considered stable and balanced.

Number 4 is inauspicious in many Asian countries including China

Talking about India, here the number 8 is considered as the number of bad luck. In China, the number 4 is considered as inauspicious as death. In many Asian countries outside China, people avoid number 4 for negative reasons. Many people here also make the fifth floor after the third floor in the buildings. Sometimes 40 to 49 storeys are omitted even in high rise buildings. At the same time, number 7 is considered inauspicious in Thailand and Vietnam. Here the 7th month is considered as the month of ghosts. In contrast, the number 7 is a lucky number in Christian, Muslim and Jewish cultures. There are many such examples in their religious texts, in which the number 7 is said to be good. For example in the Bible it is said that the world was created in 7 days.

Number 13 is a symbol of bad luck in many cultures

At the same time, in many cultures, the number 13 is considered to be a number of bad luck. In these, the number 13 is considered a symbol of fear. The 13th is not only unpopular among the bride and groom. It is considered inauspicious in pop culture. There was a 1980 horror film of the same name directed by Sean Cunningham, which showed that the fear of this date could turn into a phobia. On this day people avoid appointments or do not get out of bed.

Number is the carrier of symbol in culture and religions

Author Udo Becker in his ‘Lexicon of Symbols’ states that numbers are symbol carriers in most cultures and religions, rich with meaning. The relationship between numbers and meaning has existed in Mesopotamia since 2900 BC. The meaning of numbers was prevalent in the Pythagorean culture as well. Orally transmitted mystical tradition and medieval magical speculation in Judaism are also known to have links between numbers and meaning. How a number arrives at its meaning can vary greatly. For example, this happens through the exchange of numbers and letters.

February is an unpopular month for marriage in Germany

Statistically February is an unpopular wedding month in Germany, as it is the second month of the year. Only 3.5% of marriages took place here between 2011 and 2020. However, this date becomes more popular when, according to the palindrome calendar, February 22, 2022 is read with the same front and back. At the same time, a large number of marriages took place in February 2 years ago on 02.02.2020 and 20.02.2020 all over the world. However, in 2016 researchers from the University of Melbourne found that number symbolism often doesn’t work in a couple’s favor. Their study of a Dutch Marriage and Divorce Registry found that marriages on double dates had an 18% increased risk of failure.

Select a special date to commemorate

Psychiatrist Wolfgang Kruger sees the reason for this phenomenon as that couples who choose such dates are often concerned with outward appearances. At the same time, it is not symbolism, it is easier to remember dates with fewer different numbers. Some people choose a date like February 22, 2022 for marriage, so that they do not forget the anniversary. 


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