Britain’s Queen Elizabeth has become Corona positive. This was confirmed in a statement released from Buckingham Palace on Sunday. The statement said – 95-year-old Elizabeth has currently seen mild symptoms. His health is being closely monitored.

Earlier, Prince Charles and his wife ‘Duchess of Cornwall’ Camilla Parker were also found to be Kovid-19 positive. This information was also given in a statement issued from the Royal Palace.

The Queen of Britain spent some time with Prince Charles at the Windsor Castle residence, after which the Queen was also under threat of Corona. Buckingham Palace said in a statement that the 95-year-old Queen is currently in her Windsor Palace and will only do normal business for the next few days. She will work as per the advice of the doctors.

Queen’s 70 years on the throne

Elizabeth has celebrated the platinum jubilee of her rule on 6 February itself. It’s been 70 years since his rule. For the first time in three months, the queen was seen on this occasion. Queen received the first vaccine dose in January 2021. After this, all the other doses were applied according to the rules. He was admitted to the hospital in October last year. Since then his health has been reported to be better.

Queen has turned positive for the first time in the era of Corona. Prince Charles has been infected twice. Earlier he was infected in 2020. Prince Charles has been living in self-isolation ever since the Corona report came.


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