Apart from anxiety, there can be many reasons behind the deterioration of your mental health. Recently, scientists from the University of Michigan have told in a research that 80% of people suffering from spinal problems also have mental health problems.

such research

In this study, scientists analyzed the data of two types of adults. Previously those who had spinal cord injury or trouble. Their number was more than 9 thousand. Others who had no such problem. Their number was more than 10 lakhs.

Scientists found that people suffering from spinal problems had problems ranging from anxiety disorders to sleeplessness and brain fog. Although problems like anxiety and depression are not the result of spinal injury, but these diseases can be more in such people than in healthy people.

Chronic pain also causes mental illnesses

Research has said that chronic pain in the spinal cord, that is, long-term pain, can also cause mental diseases in humans. In many people, mental health problems were seen not from spinal cord injury but from long-term pain.

What is the solution to these problems?

Scientists say that doctors should also pay attention to the mental health of patients suffering from spinal problems. If the patient shows any symptoms of mental health problems, then they should be motivated to get treatment for the disease.


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