US President Joe Biden has called an emergency meeting with NATO allies in the wake of the Ukraine crisis. Biden is looking for allies amid fears of an attack from Russia. It is believed that Biden is not getting enough support from some countries involved in NATO such as Germany and Turkey. In such a situation, Biden has contacted countries outside the NATO organization. Biden is still diplomatically trying to strengthen the US role in the Ukraine crisis.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit the Ukrainian border on Saturday to witness the nuclear wargame of Russian forces. Amidst the deployment of more than 1.5 lakh Russian forces on the Ukrainian border, Putin’s visit to watch the wargame himself is considered a big development. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the wargame will also involve the forces of the North and South Black Sea, including intercontinental ballistic missiles and cruise missiles with nuclear warheads.

Bomb dropped on children’s school on Ukraine border, 3 teachers
injured However, no child has been injured. According to the Ukrainian military, Russian-backed Ukrainian separatist organizations are active in the region. Separatist groups said late Friday that they would take citizens from Ukraine’s eastern regions to Russia. These organizations say that the countdown of the war has started.

Kamala Harris arrives in NATO meeting Germany, warns of sanctions on Russia
US Vice President Kamala Harris arrived in Germany on Friday to attend the NATO meeting. He held a meeting with NATO Secretary General Stötlberg. Kamala Harris said the US would impose tough sanctions on Russia in the event of an attack on Ukraine. He claimed that the US has support from other countries including NATO on the issue of Ukraine.

Within a month, Russia increased 50 thousand troops on the Ukrainian border: America
The US has claimed on Friday that during the last one month only Russia has increased its troops by about 50 thousand on the border of Ukraine. There are currently about two lakh Russian troops stationed on the Ukrainian border. The US says Russia falsely claimed last week that it had reduced its troops along the Ukrainian border.


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