A former football player in England made such a bet with a famous pizza brand on social media, after winning which he got 1000 free pizzas. However, this former footballer donated these pizzas to a food bank distributing food to the poor instead of getting it delivered to him.

Compare Restaurant Pizza to Chicago Town Pizza
32 year old former footballer Paddy Miller compared pizza found in a restaurant with Chicago Town Pizza. Shared its photo on social media. In the post, he expressed his fantasy of the Chicago Town brand, writing – it looks like the frozen pizza of Chicago Town. I have eaten 53,912 pizzas of this brand.

On this, his post was commented on by the official Twitter handle of Chicago Town. He wrote that get 15 thousand likes on this post, then we will talk further. Miller asked how many pizzas is this for? 15 thousand likes for free pizza in a year? Chicago Town further wrote – Bring 20 thousand likes on the post and your deal.

Within minutes, Miller’s post went viral. The post garnered over 28,000 likes, 1.4k retweets and thousands of comments. The city of Chicago then promised him free pizza for a year.

Although donated whole pizzas
, Miller refused to have a single pizza delivered to his home. He donated all the pizza to the Leeds Fans Food Bank so that the hungry could get food. The town of Chicago expressed happiness over Miller’s decision.


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