The threat of a Russian attack on Ukraine is increasing. America and NATO are on alert and there are clear signs of this. Joe Biden held talks with the heads of state of America’s allies on Friday night. In the conversation, the economic crisis in Ukraine and the defense of NATO country were discussed. How fast the tension is increasing can be gauged from the fact that US Secretary of State Antony Blinken left all work on Thursday night and reached New York from Washington. Here he took part in the meeting of the UN Security Council. Said- The President of Russia should tell us clearly and promise that he will not attack Ukraine.

US Vice President Kamala Harris is in Munich for talks.

US Vice President Kamala Harris is in Munich for talks.

Biden’s last attempt
, Joe Biden said on Friday – We think that the avenues of avoiding war are still not closed. Diplomatic efforts are on. Shortly after this statement, the New York Times reported that Biden is going to have a phone conversation with the heads of state of all America’s allies on Friday. This decision is important, because before this only American diplomats were contacting the allies. Biden did talk to Putin twice in a month. But, it seems that now the time is running out of America’s hands to handle the situation.

three things to remember

  • A diplomatic war has begun between Russia and the US on the issue of Ukraine. Moscow on Thursday night asked America’s number two diplomat to leave the country. America is still calm, but its answer will definitely come from its side as well.
  • Russia has made a new move and America is understanding it. To gauge the preparedness of the Ukrainian army, Russia has started attacking Ukrainian rebels in some areas there. There was firing and shelling on a school and a missionary on Thursday.
  • Apart from America, cyber military experts from Britain and Canada are present in Ukraine. Russia is trying to break into them. It is quite possible that China is also supporting Russia in these antics. Two days there the Winter Olympics are ending.
Pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine have targeted a school.

Pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine have targeted a school.

Who is true and who is false
Russia once again said on Friday that its army is returning from Crimea. Tanks are also being shifted from here to base camps. But, America and NATO have been denying all the arguments of Russia till now. In a statement issued by Britain, it was said – We have all the evidence that Russia is not removing soldiers and weapons from there, but increasing it. So, we are preparing to deal with these antics.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken also bluntly said on Thursday – the President of Russia should come before the world and make a clear promise that his forces will not attack Ukraine under any circumstances. We have given the written proposal which was asked from us. Its reply is awaited.


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