The whole world is currently engaged in discussing the date and time of the Russian attack on Ukraine, which gives strength to the fact that the Russian attack on Ukraine is certain. In such a situation, a picture is becoming increasingly viral in which a 79-year-old woman from Ukraine is learning to drive an AK-47. 

: The world is worried about the possibility of a Russian attack on Ukraine at any time. Ukraine is also living in the same fear that if the world’s superpower Russia attacks their country, what could be the consequences. In such a situation, Ukraine is teaching the people of its country to use guns. 

79 year old woman learning to drive AK-47  

According to the news of VICE, one such picture is becoming increasingly viral on social media in which a 79-year-old woman is taking training to drive an AK-47. 

National Guard battalion giving training 

This picture is of an elderly Ukrainian woman Valentyna Konstantynovska who is being trained by the Azov Battalion of the National Guard at Mariupol, Ukraine. The soldiers who conducted the training were members of the Azov battalion, which has links to the neo-Nazis. 

picture going viral on social media 

This picture has been tweeted by NBC’s Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel on Twitter. In this picture, the people of Ukraine are seen taking training to operate rifles, in which there is also a photo of this elderly woman.

war between russia and ukraine can happen anytime 

Let us tell you that Moscow has deposited 130,000 soldiers on the borders of Ukraine. It has soldiers stationed in neighboring Belarus. Medical facilities have been transferred to potential war zones and Russia has indicated that it wants a buffer zone between NATO and Russia. 


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