A passenger sitting in the plane suddenly got up and started trying to enter the cockpit. For this he started trying to open the cockpit door. 

 A ruckus broke out on a flight from Los Angeles to Washington DC when a passenger tried to enter the cockpit of the plane and then tried to open a door. 

Using a coffee pot to prevent further progress

According to Metro news, witnesses said a flight attendant used a coffee pot to stop a passenger from proceeding while the American Airlines plane was diverted. The flight, originally scheduled for Los Angeles to Washington DC, instead landed in Kansas City on Sunday afternoon. 

was trying to break the cockpit door 

Washington DC resident Mauj Mustafa said an attendant was shouting at another crew member to turn on the lights when the plane suddenly began to descend. He said several passengers rushed to the front of the plane to help stop the passenger, who has not yet been named and was stopped from breaking open the door in the cockpit. 

people running in a moving plane 

Mustafa said, “It felt like the plane was going down. Many people feared the most because people had absolutely no idea what was happening.” Karen Alston, who was on the plane, said she was watching a movie when the lights above her head suddenly turned on and saw several people running toward the front of the plane.

Fellow passenger Jake Smith said he was starting to make his way to the restroom when he saw a flight attendant running downstairs at full speed. After the flight was diverted, the passengers were booked on a new flight to Washington DC. 

A passenger was forcing the flight crew

Kansas City Aviation Department spokesman Joe McBride said a passenger was coercing the flight crew. The FBI is now dealing with this incident. 

“The flight was diverted due to an unruly passenger interfering with the flight crew. The person has been taken into custody. No other information is available at this time,” the FBI said in a statement. 


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