Not keeping an eye on the maid working in the house was very heavy for a family living in UAE. The maid made international calls worth about 50 thousand rupees and then left work and ran away.

 In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a maid has made such a game that her owner’s senses were blown away. The maid made fierce international calls without the knowledge of the members of the owner’s house, when the bill came, everyone was surprised. Actually, the accused had come from another country for UAE job. She used to make house calls from her boss’s landline secretly. He had made international calls of 2,554 dirhams (over Rs 52 thousand 500). 

Victim’s family pleaded 

According to a report in Khaleej Times, court documents state that the owner of the house has filed a case against the maid in the city court. The mistress said in her complaint that the maid used the home’s landline phone and made international calls without her consent and knowledge. The woman said that for this she should be given 3 thousand dirhams i.e. about 62 thousand rupees.

The maid ran away as soon as she realized

The UAE woman also told the court that the maid had fled her house and before leaving, she had broken kitchen utensils, which were worth more than 2 thousand dirhams, or 41 thousand. The woman requested the court that she should also get this amount from the maid. Along with this, the woman told the court that the maid has caused moral and financial harm to her, so she should pay him 5 thousand dirhams i.e. more than one lakh rupees as compensation.

worked for a while

The victim woman told the court that the maid worked for some time in her house. The foreign woman used to make international calls to her home without anyone’s knowledge. Whose bill had reached 52 thousand 500 rupees. He also presented a copy of the company’s phone bill in the court. The woman said that the maid has run away without paying the telephone bill. 

The court gave this decision

After going through the whole matter, the court said in its judgment that on the basis of the documents of the telecom company, it is confirmed that the telephone bill due to international calls made from home phones had reached Rs 52 thousand 500. The court has ordered the maid to pay the bills and legal expenses of the woman.


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