Emily, the only fan model and TikToker, was shocked to learn that her father’s friend saw her profile on the adult site and told her father.

 A girl living in America chose such a way for earning, which people do not see from the right perspective. However, despite this, she continued to do this work for many years. Actually, a model named Emily used to share her photos on the OnlyFans adult site.

The father was informed by his friend about the daughter

One day Emily’s father’s friend saw her photo on the OnlyFans site. After this he messaged Emily’s father that your daughter is on ‘Adult Site’. The answer given by Emily’s father on this is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

Emily shared the whole story by sharing the video

According to the report of Mirror, Emily herself has narrated the entire story and uploaded the video of the incident on her Tiktok account. Emily told that recently her father’s friend saw some of her photos and gave this information to my father.

father already knew

Emily’s father was messaged by his friend about his daughter’s work, but the surprising thing is that he already had information about the daughter’s account on the OnlyFans adult site.

father’s reaction going viral

Emily’s father was messaged by his friend, ‘Your daughter is on OnlyFans.’ To this Emily’s father replied, ‘I know.’ Then his friend said, ‘It is very dirty, I can send you the proof of this.’ After this Emily’s father said, ‘How did you get her photos?’ To this his friend said, ‘I have subscribed to him on OnlyFans.’ After this, his friend was surprised by the answer given by Emily’s father. Emily’s father said, ‘Thank you for supporting her business.’

video going viral fast

Emily’s video is becoming increasingly viral on social media and more than 24 lakh people have seen her video on Tiktok. Along with this, people are making funny comments and many users have praised this step of Emily’s father.


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