US told that Kabul airport was under the target of another ISIS-K attack after three days of the suicide bombing that killed many innocents on the same site where US has carried out drone attack in Afghanistan on Sunday which has led to the destruction of vehicles in Kabul “to which the military officials says it was carrying multiple ISIS-K suicide bomber.

The attack killed nine civilians that included children as well. Bill Urban, US Navy Captain said that the attack was carried out for self-defence. Also, he adds ” I am deeply saddened by the loss of innocent people.”

The second offshoot killed 13 US troops and nearly 169 Afghan civilians. The incident took place on Thursday near Hamid Karzai International Airport.

The first strike killed two Islamic State militants “a planner” and “a facilitator”. The two were driving the car to Jalalabad and wounded others who were in the need of an hour in the nearby building.

The second attack in the Kabul airport killed nine members of one civilian family including six children. The age of the respective children was 3,4,9,10 and a 2-year-old child was killed.

The Taliban said that they have started the investigation regarding the US strike, and will look after the targets that if they were a suicide bomber driving vehicle loaded with explosives.


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