Squid Game maker Hwang Dong-hyuk says he could utilize fan thoughts as motivation for season 2. The Korean Netflix show dropped completely on September 17 and has progressively overwhelmed the world, as of late passing Bridgerton to turn into the real time feature’s greatest unique series yet. As well as conceptualising Squid Game, Hwang both composed and coordinated each of the nine scenes.

In a meeting with THR, Hwang affirms that making Squid Game was a difficult, unpleasant cycle that elaborate reexamining the contents as he shot the scenes. While he concedes there is strain to deliver season 2 of his hit show, he’s reluctant to confront a similar endeavor again and still can’t seem to choose the fate of Squid Game. Be that as it may, Hwang says, the capacity to incline toward the series’ fans this time around might change the condition:

Squid Game

You’re correct, the tension on me is gigantic now, with a major crowd hanging tight for a season two. Due to all that strain, I haven’t chose at this point whether I ought to do another season. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you check out it emphatically, in light of the fact that such countless individuals cherished season one and are anticipating beneficial things for season two, there are individuals wherever on the planet expressing their feelings regarding where the show ought to go. I could really pull thoughts from fans from one side of the planet to the other to make the following season. I believe that is the thing that I’m grappling with the present moment — that I shouldn’t simply see it as an enormous measure of tension, yet think about the entirety of this adoration and backing I’m getting as a major box of motivation that I can use for season two.

While numerous Squid Game fans would invite a season 2 regardless, the chance of adding to it is an uncommon, energizing chance. Speculations and expectations have turned into a major piece of being a fan in modern times, and keeping in mind that it is generally discussed as setting crowds up for frustration, Hwang appears to accept it as a way of facilitating his imaginative weight and permit his watchers some initiation over the show they love. However he presently can’t seem to conclude whether to seek after prepare 2, watchers should continue to share their pitches, in the event they wind up giving the motivation expected to the Squid Game story to proceed.


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