The death of many has been heard due to severe food which has led to mudslides in coastal Turkey. Therefore this news has led to the country’s emergency and disaster said by the agency on Saturday.

The heavy torrential rain has bashed the Black sea province of Bartin, Kastamonu, and Sinop. This incident took place on Wednesday, which has become the major reason for the destruction of thousands of the shelter of people, five bridges as per the report, swept away many cars and have also destroyed many roads which are now left unpassable.

AFAD, a disease agency in Turkey, said that approximately 36 people lost their lives in Kastamonu, seven in Sinop and one in Barten. Nine people are hospitalized in Sinop, and according to some residents of Kastamonu, hundreds of people are missing, which was a statement made by an opposition lawmaker. This is heartbreaking news.

The painstaking task by the rescued and the sniffer dogs has been continued since long back. As per the AFAD, 5188 personal, 27 rescue dogs and 19 helicopters, and 2 search planes are doing hard work to search people at the rescue spot.

More than 2250 people have been provided aid, across the emergency region all the time, during and after the disaster took place. The cases have also come across where some of the needy were lifted from rooftops of the helicopters.

Anapa was the most affected city near the black sea, where officials have also warned them about the heavy rains for the next two days.


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