Covid Test

On Saturday, UK has reduced its cost for the Covid-19 test. This has been a great advantage for the global tourist as now the cost has been 68 ponds which were the first 88 ponds as it was a high charge and therefore it was a mandatory test.

Passengers who belong to Green list or other Amber list countries, the tourist who are fully vaccinated have to pay 20 pounds which costs less than the PCR test.

The test has to be performed on or two days after the tourist arrives in England. People who have not been fully vaccinated are returning from the Amber list countries and even the price for those countries have been fallen from 170 pounds to 136pounds,
Therefore the test must be taken on days two or after eight days of traveling from abroad.

The price reduction will not affect the red countries if they purchase from the private provider which is mentioned DHSC. NHS Tests and Traces are providing Covid-19 Test for the international tours where LHS or PRCs for the people who have few symptoms, Therefore these tests are paid.

Sajid Javid, UK Health Secretary announces an interview that was a” rapid internal interview”. The interview was in concern of the holidaymakers where they were highly charged by the private companies. Seeing such exploitations he reviewed government reviewed companies charges for the same.

To which the conclusion came out that if any provider would be seen making huge charges for the people would be kicked out. Also to which he added the people have a right to enjoy their holidays without making unnecessary payments and any anxiety issues.


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