Climate scientist, Michael Mann from Pennsylvania, State University said “This is a climate change,” July has become the hottest month of the earth in 142 years as per the recordkeeping in USA officials.

Due to extreme heat in the USA and Europe, the globe has averaged 62.73 degrees beating up with the last record of July 1016,2019,2020. Therefore, as per the NOAA climatologist Ahira Sanchez- Lugo said the last seven years the July has been the hottest month.

The new climatic record added tends to be more destructive for the globe. It is a piece of breathtaking news to come across the globe, where summer has brought about and has become the main reason for wildfire, drought, and much other ecological loss. Therefore, the UN science panel gave a warning that burning of coal, oils, natural gar and far more harmful for the environmental balance.

The northern hemisphere was more to 3 degrees Celcius than in July 2012 that was 0.19 degrees Celcius recorded in a magazine said by Sanchez-Lugo. As July is the hottest month of the year so it is recorded as the hottest month on the globe record.

In 2021, June and July were not that hot as the La Nina cooling of the central pacific has reduced the global temperature on an average. While July has been the hottest month for the world, the USA records the 13th hottest July record ever. The last time July was a bit cooler was recorded in 1976 that was cooler than the normal that was recorded.


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