Chris makes an attempt to create a living by merchandising bone scanner machines in San Francisco to doctors and medical centers. It is a hassle to lug round the awkward machines however he enjoys creating connections with folks. Though he’s a natural born salesperson, this African-American believes that he’s destined for a stronger career path. His spouse Linda (Thandie Newton) is functioning at 2 jobs to assist pay the bills, and that they ar behind on their rent.St. Christopher a five year old child used go to on a daily basis carecenter, and it bugs his father that on the surface of the building, the term “the pursuit of happyness” is misspelled. He’s convinced that these very little details build all the distinction in life.

The constant strain of monetary pressure is just too abundant for Linda to handle therefore she decides to require employment with a relative in a very eating house in big apple. Though her husband may be a disappointment to her, she will deem that he can notice some way to require care of their son, so she leaves St. Christopher with him.

Chris’s persistence pays off once he’s chosen for associate spot program at a prestigious stock securities firm. The decisive issue looks to be that he impresses one among the highest officers by determination a Rubiks Cube in record time. it’s obvious that he encompasses a special gift for numbers additionally to his aptitude for sales. the sole hitches to his new lease on life ar that the program doesn’t pay any pay and only 1 of the twenty interns can eventually be employed. Meanwhile, his economic condition grows additional shaky once some of his bone scanning machines ar taken, and he and his son ar evicted from their flat. They go into atiny low space at a tourist court on the other hand ar forced on to the streets. Father and son land up sleeping in a very lavatory in a very bus depot. Luckily, they’re ready to build this torturesome expertise into a game by pretence they’re concealing come in a cave from dinosaurs.

Meanwhile, Chris struggles at the securities firm in a very competitive battle for shoppers. He makes a daring move to land a brand new account by visiting a chief operating officer reception, and he and St. Christopher ar invited to affix him and his son at a San Francisco football. They’re awed by this glimpse into the globe of the rich wherever everything is finished superior. However the chief operating officer dashes the intern’s hopes by telling him that he will not be ready to have him handle his account as a result of he’s therefore new the business and Chris is completely surprised after listening this.

Henceforth this movie is a true inspiration to hardwork.


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