Meet The Cockroach-inspired Robot Designed By Engineers!

Cockroach-inspired Robot

Cockroaches are one of the stealthiest creatures in the world. It is said that they can withstand even the radiation from an atomic explosion. Based on their attributes, a group of roboticists from UC Berkeley came up with a highly efficient robot. The robot has the size of a cockroach and can squeeze itself through tight spaces very easily. Also, unlike most other robots it has the ability to emerge function when exposed to nearly one million times its own weight.

The robot is based on the principle of sticky footpads, also known as electrostatic adhesion. The small-sized, durable robot is very speedy, and almost outruns its biological sibling. It has a weight of about 20–65 milligrams and can withstand loads of upto 60 kilograms without dying. The robot is made by using a very thin layer of a material that is able to bend and contract enabling the device to crawl through hard spaces very easily. The cockroach based robot can be put to use in detection of toxic gases and other substances in the coming years.

The engineers have kept the design straightforward. It’s anything but’s a slender sheet of polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF), a piezoelectric material that grows and agreements when an electric voltage is applied. According to the most recent research reports, it has become visible that the robot is exceptionally durable. The electrostatic footpads on the robot have a sticky potential. The robot can solidly stick on any surface and move around or pivot utilizing different feet. The two footpads give operators full command over the direction of the robot, and permit it to make turns with a centripetal acceleration that surpasses that of most insects.


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