Have a look at these ‘Whirlpool Galaxy’ images shared by NASA!

Whirlpool Galaxy

NASA shares images of cosmic entities every now and then. This time the US based space research agency released the images of a brightly shining Whirlpool Galaxy. One image shared by NASA has stunningly captured the galaxy’s “graceful spiral arms and pink star-forming regions”.

The Whirlpool Galaxy is actually very from our planet, nearly 23 million light years away and has a girth of about 60,000 light years. In the second image shared by the space research agency, we can see the infrared perspective of the cosmic spiral, which perfectly depicts its dust structure. The images of the Whirlpool Galaxy were captured by NASA on Wednesday by using the famous Hubble Telescope. They were then shared on Instagram where NASA captioned them as “These #HubbleClassic views of the Whirlpool Galaxy show off very different aspects of the galaxy! The visible image highlights its graceful spiral arms and pink star-forming regions, while the near-infrared image shows its skeletal dust structure”.

Since then several followers of NASA have commented on the post. While most users were in awe of the beautiful galaxy, some inquired about the technical issue at Hubble and wished for its speedy recovery. On June 13, it was reported that one of the payload computer on Hubble had ceased its functions. The engineer on the computer speculated that the malfunction occurred owing to a degrading memory module. The computer was managing the operations of the telescope’s scientific instruments and hence, NASA was trying to get it back online ASAP. On 6th July, the space agency reported that they had started to perform a set of test procedures to turn on the backup hardware on the space telescope.


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