Microsoft Teams adds a new change to the Together Mode for smaller groups


Microsoft Teams is a popular video conferencing app that is constantly getting new features added to it. Apparently, the developers behind the app are trying out another new feature wherein AI puts participants in a small group meeting into virtual environments. The feature is called as the Together Mode feature and it is meant to provide support for small gatherings and meetings.

Those who have watched the NBA will quickly realize that this was the feature used for showing matches in order to offer a crowd-filled experience to the viewers for the basketball games. While the new change is exactly opposite of the one used in NBA, it is still in Beta testing mode. Microsoft has already unveiled its intentions to make Teams a personal and corporate communications app and hence, getting such a feature on teams is no surprise at all. The new change will enable people to experience a more realistic family gathering as well as an office meeting.

Microsoft Teams

Presently, the feature is available to a limited people who are making use of the Teams Developer Preview. In principle, joining is simple: you simply go to Teams, click on the ellipsis close to your profile picture in the upper right corner, go to About, then, at that point check Developer Preview. In case you’re utilizing a work account, however, you might not have the option; Microsoft says the capacity to turn previews on or off is constrained by your association.


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