Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot has communicated her energy for Zoë Kravitz’s performance as Catwoman in the exceptionally expected The Batman. The model-turned-Hollywood A-lister has featured in the DCEU as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman in 5 movies, including the new Zack Snyder recut of Justice League. Gadot’s Wonder Woman films have been applauded as noteworthy female-drove hero motion pictures, a long advance from chronicled duds like Halle Berry’s Catwoman in the mid 2000s.

In an interview with Variety, Gadot responded to the addition of Kravitz’ Catwoman to the DC universe. Having seen the as of late delivered second trailer for the upcoming film, Gadot states that “She [Kravitz] looks incredible.” Gadot then acclaims the entertainer as a “capable lady” before stating she’s “so glad to have another female as a companion.” Read Gadot’s full statement beneath:

“Furthermore, I love Zoë. She looks incredible. She’s a sweetheart. She’s a skilled lady,” [… ] “And I’m so glad to have another female as a friend.”

Adding to her endorsement of Kravitz as a DC saint, Gadot later suggested that she’d be open for individual “confidants” like Catwoman to join Wonder Woman in a female group up film. When inquired as to whether she’d be up for the hybrid, Gadot said “We ought to ask Walter Hamada.” Current DC Films President, Hamada, has a lot of saints to browse in the event that he greens light such a task, with the DC Universe list brimming with female legends and villains with fruitful motion pictures in their belts (from Harley Quinn to Mera to the upcoming Batgirl).

Fanatics of DC, as Gadot, have responded emphatically to the new The Batman trailer, and Kravitz’s Catwoman is one of the critical components of the upcoming film’s allure. There’s a lot of potential, if the film is just about as fruitful as it appears to be, for spin-offs zeroed in on the popular feline. Gadot’s remarks simply add to the speculation, opening the entryway for a future female group up, or possibly a showdown. Whether Wonder Woman will go head to head with Catwoman later on remains to be seen.

The Batman hits theaters on March 4, 2022.


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