ByteDance is selling TikTok’s AI to other clients


TikTok seems to be having a bad time these days. After the app was banned in countries like India, another shocking news has surfaced online. As reported by the Financial Times, the AI of the app is being sold to other developers by its parent company ByteDance. ByteDance is a Beijing based developer which has opened a new division by the name of BytePlus. The company website has displayed a client list that is presently showing US fashion app Goat, Singapore travel site WeGo, Indonesian shopping app Chilibeli, and India-based social gaming platform GamesApp as their active clients.

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The recommendation algorithm of TikTok was one of the reasons why the app gained such a huge popularity in a short time. Based on your watching, the app recommends videos suitable to you. The company gave an explanation in a blog post in 2020 regarding the logic behind its ForYou feed. The recommendation in the feed are dependent on how the user interacts on the app – videos watched, liked, shared or commented on as well as created by the user, captions and hashtags, and device and account settings. The type of device, language preferences and the user location also affects how the ForYou feed is developed for each user.

As reported by FT, ByteDance is giving a chance to its customers to customize TikTok’s recommendation algorithm in order to use it for their own apps and customers. The company likewise offers automated speech and text translation and real-time video effects just as data analysis tools, as indicated by its site.


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