Charles Barkley has once again poked fun at Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe following their fiery disagreement on FS1 earlier this week. While on Inside the NBA Thursday night, Barkley produced several viral moments as he is often prone to do, roleplaying as Sharpe and Bayless with Shaquille O’Neal.

‘I’m sick of you, man. I’m sick of you. You interrupted Ernie…can he finish his monologue?’ Barkley asked.  ‘I’m not taking my tweet down, I’m not taking my tweet down. I believe what I said,’ he added to much laughter. 

Sharpe, a former NFL tight end, returned to Undisputed on Wednesday, but couldn’t get through his monologue without being interrupted by the surly Bayless, who defiantly refused his insensitive tweet on Damar Hamlin’s collapse Monday. 

Barkley wasn’t done there, adding, ‘I know I’m just like Shannon, I know what it’s like to work with somebody you hate.’ Sharpe caused a stir Tuesday after not turning up to work on Undisputed, before returning the following day where he clashed with Bayless. 

Though it came at the cost of Sharpe’s monologue, which he couldn’t get through without being interrupted by his debate partner. In mid December, Barkley and O’Neal trolled another spat between Sharpe and Bayless. 

Bayless defiantly refused to delete a tweet questioning the NFL’s decision to postpone Monday’s Bills-Bengals game following Buffalo safety Damar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest on the field. 

The charade began when O’Neal told Barkley ‘I will smack you right now’, during their halftime coverage.  Barkley played the role of NFL Hall of Famer, Sharpe, putting his glasses on before taking them off, screaming ‘insult me again.’ O’Neal replied, ‘put your glasses back on, Chuck,’ while smirking the same quote used by Bayless a day prior. ‘That’s what you do! Every time you insult me,’ Barkley said laughing hysterically. 

Sharpe took off his glasses Monday during the debate show after becoming incensed with Bayless amid an explosive discussion surrounding Tom Brady. ‘This man is playing at a high level at 45 when you had to stop at 35,’ Bayless said. Sharpe, enraged, replied: ‘That’s what you do! Every time I call something into question, I get it.’


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