Gary Neville believes The Glazer family should complete a full sale of Manchester United rather than possibly selling a smaller stake in the club. Speaking ahead of the Red Devils’ 2-0 Carabao Cup win over Burnley on Wednesday, Neville  who has long campaigned for the Glazers to sell the club – insisted that to compete with the very top clubs in the Premier League, the family have to complete a full sale of his former club.   

Last month the Glazers confirmed they had put the club up on the market and were looking for new investment. Their preferred option is to sell the club, but there could be a chance they could remain in control if they were to sell off smaller stakes in United. 

Any party that comes into this club that has the Glazer’s as a partner is going to be deemed as being in bed with them and that would not go down well with the fans. They will not taint their own reputation. I can’t see anyone being that silly and naïve to leave them in. I think they need a clean exit and I think they will get it.’ 

‘It is out of his hands , it is out of everyone’s hands. Only the Glazer family themselves can determine what happens and the bidding parties.’ Neville said. ‘It has been needing this, it has been coming for the last six to eight months because of the cash requirement to rebuild or refurbish this stadium, whatever it is they decide to do, the cost of the transfer market nowadays, competing with City and the other clubs at the top. They haven’t got the money. 

The Glazers have been under immense pressure from United fans to sell for a number of years, and this season there has once again been protests from fans over their ownership of the club. They have obviously put the club into quite a bit of debt and they can’t extend that debt either. It is absolutely right and it needs to be a full sale and I think it will be. I am not sure any new party will put in money with the Glazers as a partner. 

Their decision to put the club on the market was in their words to ‘explore strategic alternatives to enhance the club’s growth’, with an asking price of around £7billion. Earlier this month Man Utd released their latest financial figures and it showed the club is almost £1billion in debt. The figures also confirmed that the Glazer family have not taken a dividend for the first time since 2016.

Technology giant Apple has been linked as a potential buyer, along with Amazon  and Britain’s richest man Sir Jim Ratcliffe, chairman of Ineos. However, there is belief that the asking price is unrealistic.  Since taking over the club 17 years ago the family has leveraged £790million since 2005, but the fans have remained firm in wanting the Americans to sell.  


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