The 24-year-old, who won three gold, three silver and one bronze medal at last week’s world short-course championships in Melbourne, wanted to immortalise his epic tournament. But instead of getting a professional tattooist to ensure the ink would stand the test of time, Chalmers opted for a different tack.

Outspoken Aussie swim sensation Kyle Chalmers has added some fresh ink to his already heavily tattooed body courtesy of a teammate and British pool superstar Adam Peaty. Peaty, considered one of the greatest breaststroke swimmers of all time, bizarrely tattooed his own signature on Chalmers’ calf as the British star holidayed in the Aussie’s native town of Adelaide.  The amateur ink certainly didn’t stop there. 

Chalmers, Temple, Isaac Cooper and Joshua Yong combined to win Gold in the 4x100m medley relay, thanks primarily to Temple’s sizzling butterfly time in his leg: 48.34 seconds. It was the fastest 100m butterfly leg of the entire meet, such was the effort of the 23-year-old Victorian. 

Chalmers is clearly more stronger in a team environment, with six of his seven medals from the meet from relay swims; so he decided to immortalise his teammate’s epic leg. Pictures on social media show Temple sitting down to ink Chalmers as he is lying on a bench, with the latter captioning the moment: ‘Matt Temple putting his GOAT (greatest of all time) time on my journal’. 

The journal of which he speaks his skin is quickly filling up with ink. ‘My body is my Journal and my tattoos are my Journey…let’s see what the next chapter holds,’ Chalmers wrote of his burgeoning collection of ink last year. Most famous of course is the tattoo stretching across his chest, which has a crown and a set of wings with the German phrase ‘Nur die starken überleben’, which means ‘only the strong survive.’

Chalmers doesn’t have German heritage, he simply studied the language at school and has said it was his favourite subject.  Among other tattoos is the Olympic motto ‘Citius, Altius, Fortius’, which translates to faster, higher, stronger in English. 

Next ahead for Kyle ‘Plenty of Dramas’ Chalmers is the 2023 world championships at Japan in July, and then the South Australian will look to add to his solitary gold medal at the 2024 Olympics in Paris. He also has the Olympic rings on his ribcage, the roman numerals for the 2016 Olympics in Rio on his wrist and a giant star featuring several motivational phrases, among other things. 


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