Polar Bears

Another study in the Arctic Ocean has revealed an area which is essential for the perseverance of polar bears is turning out to be unprotected against climate change. Generally referred to as the “last ice area”, this region has suffered record melting last summer, says the new study. As per the researchers, high winds joined to a changing climate were behind the unexpected reduction.

The lead author of this latest study is Axel Schweiger. He was referred to by BBC saying, “Sea ice circles through the Arctic, it has a particular model, and it typically winds up stacking toward Greenland and the northern Canadian coast”. He added, “In climate models, when you turn them forward over the coming century, that area will in general have ice fall by the mid year the more broadened”. The area is seen as a huge last refuge for Arctic marine mammals. This entails the polar bears, seals and walruses.

Polar Bears

The gathering of researchers have been using a blend of satellite imagery and sea ice models to understand what happened in the area. By August 2020, the photos showed a record low of just half ice center. The researchers have assumed that ‘phenomenally strong winds’ moved a huge piece of the sea ice out of the area. Regardless, this was overhauled by a decreasing example, related to warming. As per the researchers, the record melt was 80% due to climate related elements like the winds. Around 20% was from decreasing related to climate change.


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