Canada’s sudden heatwave boils several sea creatures to their death


Climate change is an issue that many nations were simply ignoring a few years ago. However, now that the temperatures are rising rapidly and variations are seen the natural seasons all across the world, people are starting to realize the danger they are in. Along with us humans, animals and birds are also paying the price. Canada was the most recent nation that was seen experiencing the severe effects of climate change.

Just a few days ago, Canada recorded its most hottest day in its history as temperatures soared by nearly 4C from its previous national record. The heatwave caused the temperatures to reach about 50C and people to step into nearby water bodies to cool off the heat. Reportedly, huge numbers of clams, mussels, sea stars, and snails popped up dead on the beach of Vancouver, Canada after being boiled to their death in the sudden heatwave. Chris Harley, a marine biologist at the University of British Columbia, came to know about this incident as he stumbled upon the foul smell rising up from the Kitsilano Beach in Vancouver. It was truly a shocking moment for him as the beach was filled with tens of thousands of dead and boiled sea creatures.

When CBC network inquired Harley about the incident, he stated that most of the sea creatures such as clams, mussels, sea stars, and snails are able to tolerate temperatures of upto 30C, however, the Vancouver coastline had reached a record high temperature of about 50C as per thermal imaging. As a result, the sea creatures were boiled alive to their deaths and their floating bodies were carried to the beach along with currents of water. Harley also informed CBC that these animals were responsible for filtering the sea water and now they are dead, the water quality in the area will be temporarily affected. By performing calculations on the number of dead sea creatures found on a small part of the beach, he estimated that over a billion sea creatures had been killed by the sudden heatwave.


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