Army of Thieves

Netflix’s impending Army of Thieves will have romantic comedy elements, says maker Deborah Snyder. Earlier this year, the streaming giant hoped to start off another franchise with the release of Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead. Charged as a heist film blended in with the zombie apocalypse, Army of the Dead arrived with several side project projects already underway. Since Snyder’s latest is an enormous hit for Netflix, there’s a ton of energy encompassing said side projects, the first of which is Army of Thieves.

Throughout the end of the week, Army of Thieves held a [email protected] panel with several of the creatives behind the film. Early on, both Snyders talked about how they shaped the idea for Army of Thieves, with Deborah especially referencing how the new combination of types appealed to her. After all, zombies exist in this world, however they aren’t an enormous part of the plot. “Who’s done a prequel where it’s an alternate classification film?” she said. “Because to me, this is more [of a] romantic-comedy heist film than anything else.” This probably won’t be what fans expected, however it certainly sounds intriguing.

Army of the Dead felt like a breath of outside air because it joined a heist with zombies. It seems like Army of Thieves will proceed with this class twisting idea, however instead of putting more spotlight on zombies, it’ll be more romantic. As the recently released Army of Thieves trailer indicated, sparks will fly among Dieter and Emmanuel’s Gwendoline; she enlists him for a mission in Europe, and in the middle of all the planning and safecracking, there will be some romantic comedy elements to appreciate.

Additional activities set inside this world that are in transit incorporate the anime prequel Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas and an Army of the Dead 2. Regardless of whether they also will attempt to play with classifications remains to be seen, yet it’s a formula that so far is by all accounts working for the franchise. Army of Thieves is already rustling up energy because of its attention on Dieter, and the trailer recommends it will present several other fun characters as well. Ideally the following thing Netflix will reveal about it is the release date.


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