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Lea Thompson, star of the original Howard the Duck film, allegedly pitched a reboot to Marvel Studios. Thompson, who played Marty McFly’s mom in the Back to the Future franchise, also starred alongside the talking waterfowl in a film known as one of the most exceedingly awful motion pictures of all time. Released in 1986, the film was nominated for seven Razzie Awards (wining four) and right now holds the most minimal Rotten Tomatoes rating for any Lucasfilm creation.

THR reports that Thompson and the Howard the Duck team pitched a reboot of the religion classic to Marvel Studios. Thompson was motivated by the new turn in gathering to the film, after seeing that Howard the Duck was moving on Twitter. She pitched her vision for the eventual fate of the character to Marvel, trusting that Howard could rejoin his legitimate place in the MCU. See Thompson’s full statement underneath:

“Joe Quinones did a portion of the art for the pitch because he and Chip Zdarsky did the last run of Howard the Duck comic books… Chip and I cooperated and came up with a really great pitch. Marvel loved the pitch, yet they have various plans for the various characters.”

As Thompson explains above, the pitch was created alongside Chip Zdarsky, essayist for Marvel Comics, and artist Joe Quinones, who helped co-create a Howard the Duck comic book from 2015-2016. However they loved the pitch, it appears to be that Marvel unfortunately passed on the reboot idea. Nonetheless, Thompson makes reference to that the studio may have various plans for the character later on, which means that Howard may see some kind of reboot not too far off.

However the original film besieged hard when it previously released, from that point forward, it has seen the ascent of a dedicated religion following. In addition, given the fact that Howard is currently officially part of the MCU canon, a reboot isn’t altogether impossible. Since Marvel has fleshed out their catalog, it gives Howard a whole universe to play in. Notwithstanding, whether or not a Howard the Duck reboot could satisfy its fans’ expectations is completely valid. After all, the Howard of the 21st century would have to be totally different than the Howard of the ’80s.


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