Army of Thieves

The first trailer for Zack Snyder’s Army of Thieves has shown up. When Snyder’s days with the DC Extended Universe were seemingly finished, the director began working with Netflix to foster several new projects. The first to arise was 2021’s Army of the Dead, a zombie-heist film starring Dave Bautista that became one of Netflix’s biggest hits. The success of Army of the Dead was normal, with Netflix and Snyder previously chipping away at a vivified prequel show and a live-action prequel film named Army of Thieves.

As part of [email protected] 2021, Netflix hosted a virtual board for Army of Thieves highlighting Schweighöfer, individual cast member Nathalie Emmanuel, and producers Zack Snyder, Deborah Snyder, and Wesley Coller. Close to the furthest limit of the board, Schweighöfer was able to disclose the first teaser trailer for Army of Thieves. Look at it below:

The Army of Thieves trailer makes obviously this film is very unique in relation to Army of the Dead. For starters, there probably won’t be any zombies in the film itself other than what is shown on the news. It also doesn’t waste a lot of time reminding viewers that it is a prequel and shows Nathalie Emmanuel’s person enrolling Dieter for a heist before he’ll travel to America. Both of them seem to spend a ton of time together in Army of Thieves too, with Emmanuel and Schweighöfer in any event, sharing a kiss close to the end.

Since the first film and new details about Army of Thieves have been uncovered, it ideally will not be too well before the film itself arrives on Netflix. The trailer promises a lot of action and even some humor, as fans of Army of the Dead will settle the score additional time with Dieter now. It also appears that this could be a decent job for Nathalie Emmanuel to show her abilities to lead an action film. The rest of the cast doesn’t get too much chance to hit one out of the ballpark in the trailer, but Army of Thieves still looks very promising early on and like a great continuation of Snyder’s zombie universe.


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