Gone girl

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s revived romance is warming up the amusement press, and one late magazine cover unintentionally resembles a scene from Affleck’s film Gone Girl. The 2014 mystery spine chiller is based on Gillian Flynn’s bestselling novel of the same title. Affleck starred alongside Rosamund Pike as Nick and Amy Dunne, a seemingly amazing American couple until Amy suddenly vanishes, and Nick becomes the excellent suspect for her disappearance. Gone Girl proceeded to become a box office hit and a basic success, getting numerous awards and nominations.

Interestingly, the latest People magazine cover for its August 2 issue highlighting Affleck and Lopez bears the same feature. Twitter user Matt Sullivan brought up the chilling resemblance of the two magazine covers by posting them side-by-side. Like the anecdotal In Touch cover for Gone Girl, the People cover features a photo of the famous couple with the bold words: Ben and J.Lo 17 Years Later…A Second Chance at Love!

Another strange yet uncanny detail is the manner by which Affleck’s half-smile on his new magazine cover is basically the same as his person’s in Gone Girl. In the film, Nick flashed a baffling smile at a press conference for his missing spouse Amy. This distorted expression became an argument for the rest of the film as it further investigated Nick’s person. Affleck gave a solid performance as the embittered and philandering husband with many critics praising his believable acting style.

Of course, the 48-year-old actor is no stranger to being the objective of sensationalized news and paparazzi. His brief relationship with Lopez procured them the moniker “Bennifer,” and they were among the most photographed couples at the tallness of their romance in the early 2000s. It didn’t help that the two starred in the 2003 romantic parody Gigli, which bombed at the box office. While many things have changed since then, the celebrity couple still attracts consideration any place they go. The Gone Girl reference in their resuscitated romance could be dismissed as a guiltless happenstance or a curious case of life copying art.


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