Former Grand Prix racer Max Biaggi has set a string new land speed records with the Voxan Wattman electric motorcycle. Late last month, at an unused NASA space shuttle runway at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, the Voxan Wattman set a total of 19 new world records for various types of speed runs in different classes.

 The most prestigious of these records is the new record set in the “partially streamlined electric motorcycle under 300 kg” class, with a top speed of 455.737 kmph. Voxan has designed three sets of bodywork for the new bike, including a streamlined full fairing, fairing with exposed tail and a naked version.

Under the fairing is a longer new swingarm, which has increased the wheelbase by 107 mm to 1,957 mm. The seat was raised by 65 mm, giving Biaggi a more crouched down riding position, aiding in aerodynamics. The latest bike also gets a power boost, with maximum power now at 429 bhp, and peak torque of 1360 Nm.

The Wattman achieved a two-way average speed of 283.182 mph (455.737 kmph) for the record, but the onboard GPS actually clocked the bike with a top speed of 290 mph (466 kmph). The two-way average is the number that is used for the record, and replaced the previous record of 253 mph (407 kmph) that had been set by the bike last year. Over a six-day period, Biaggi set a number of impressive speed records, including an unfaired (non-streamlined class) maximum speed of 228 mph (367 kmph).


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